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7 Powerful SEO Software Tools in 2023

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

(And 3 extra tools to help you and your business)

SEO Software Tools

To get started with search engine optimization (SEO), you should first research the keywords that people are using to search for the products or services that you offer. Once you have a list of these keywords, you should incorporate them into the content of your website. Include them in page titles, headings, and the body of your pages. Additionally, you should optimize your website's structure and navigation to make it easy for search engines and users to find their way around your site. Use header tags to signal the hierarchy of your content and add alt text to images to help search engines understand what they are about. Create high-quality, relevant content for your audience and build backlinks from other reputable websites to improve your search rankings. Finally, monitor your search rankings and website traffic and make adjustments as needed.

After getting started, you might find it’s a bit challenging getting good readability scores or finding keywords. SEO in general might be confusing to the average person. You have to juggle keywords, competitors, target customer intent, readability and much more. Doing SEO correctly brings a lot of work with it. Luckily there are plenty of SEO software tools to simplify and take a lot off your plate. Most of the tools you find online are overpriced, don’t offer anything of value or just plain unnecessary. In my opinion, a good SEO app covers at least one of three things.


Keyword data includes information on specific keywords that can help website owners improve their search engine ranking and visibility. This data can include the search volume of a keyword, giving you an idea on how often it is searched for. By understanding the search volume of a keyword, website owners can gauge its popularity and the potential amount of traffic it can drive to their website.

Another aspect of keyword data is the competition level. It is important to measure of how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. Keywords with higher competition are typically more challenging to rank for, as there are more websites competing for those keywords. Keyword data can also include the cost-per-click (CPC) of a keyword. CPC is the average amount that advertisers pay for each click on an advertised keyword. Higher CPC keywords generally have more commercial intent and potentially more value for ranking.

Finally, keyword data may also include related keywords. These are suggestions for other keywords that website owners may want to target in their content. By expanding the keyword universe that a website targets, website owners can drive more traffic to their site. By providing all of this information, keyword data can help website owners understand the potential value of ranking for specific keywords and identify opportunities to optimize their content for those keywords.


SEO software can provide analytics to help website owners understand their site's performance and identify areas for improvement. One way they do this is by integrating with web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. These platforms offer data on website traffic, user behavior and other key metrics. By analyzing this information, website owners can understand how well their site is meeting the needs of visitors and identify opportunities to improve.

They can also provide their own analytics and tracking features. This includes the ability to track the ranking of a website and individual pages for specific keywords. Some tools even offer custom tracking and reporting features to help website owners track progress towards specific goals. By providing this data, SEO software tools can support website owners in understanding the success of their site and identifying areas for optimization.

Creative Aid:

SEO software can be useful for inspiring new ideas and optimizing content for website owners and content creators. By providing keyword data, including search volume and competition level, as well as suggestions for related keywords, SEO tools can help identify popular and feasible topics for new content. Additionally, on-page optimization data and analytics on the performance of website pages can inform future strategies and creative decisions.

SEO tools can also aid in tracking the success of a website over time. By analyzing data on user behavior and conversions, website owners can understand how well their site is meeting the needs of visitors. This information, along with data on the ranking of website pages for specific keywords, can help identify what is and isn't working effectively. Overall, SEO software tools provide valuable data and insights that can support the creative process and optimize a website's performance.

Our Top SEO Software Tool


Growthbar is a powerful suite of tools designed to help businesses maximize their online presence. It offers a variety of features, including competitor analysis, keyword research, content optimization, and link building. The software also allows users to track their progress with real-time analytics and reporting. It is an especially useful tool for businesses looking to improve their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. With the software, businesses can easily identify the best keywords to target, optimize their content, and track their progress to ensure they are on the right track. Additionally, the software has social media monitoring capabilities, giving businesses an easy way to monitor their progress on social media sites. With all these features, More Growthbar is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to take their SEO efforts to the next level.

More Growthbar features:

  • Improve Content: Provides a score for your content and provides tips on how to improve it.

  • Keyword Specialist: With billions of keywords, Growthbar allows you to research ranking, search volume and your competitions score all in one place.

  • Analytics: Statistics on any website; including their ads, backlinks, traffic and more.

  • Pricing: Free for 5 days, before a monthly subscription with 3 tiers.

  • Standard: $29/Mo

  • Pro: $79/Mo

  • Agency: $199/Mo

We recommend Growthbar for bloggers and other content creators. A useful tool to optimize content and improve search engine rankings. By providing in-depth insights and analysis of keywords and backlinks, Growthbar can help users identify opportunities for optimization and improve the overall performance of their content. In addition to helping with keyword and backlink research, the tool's insights on content and ways to improve it can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to increase the visibility and reach of their content. Overall, Growthbar could be a useful tool for anyone looking to optimize their content and drive more organic traffic to their website.


AISEO, is a powerful SEO software tool for optimizing websites and content for search engine rankings. It provides a range of features to help users analyze their websites and optimize for keywords, tags, and other data to improve their rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). AISEO also has advanced features such as link building, social media integration, and analytics to measure performance. It is a great tool for any website or content creator wanting to improve their search engine visibility and drive more organic traffic to their website.

AISEO Features:

  • Command: Tell the AI what you want it to write about and it’ll write for you, even in other languages.

  • Rewrite: Need help cleaning up something you already have written? Run it through the paraphraser and it can increase, decrease or change the style of writing to fit any mood needed.

  • Readability Improver: Place your copywrite into the readability improver to highlight the difficult spots in your body of text, and provide a score you can improve on

  • Article Generator: A helpful list of dozens of generators from headlines to ads to help get your blog attention or help your social media posts get seen

  • Pricing: They give you the option for annual or monthly pricing

  • Grow: $15/Mo or $180 a year

  • Scale: $29/Mo or $499 a year

  • Team: $44/Mo

We recommend AISEO for writers. Boiling it down, AISEO is an intelligent assistant that writes for you so you can put your work effort elsewhere. It can help you get started on a project or polish up and improve existing work. It's a strong tool to have access to if you're looking to improve writing skills and increase their work efficiency.


Ahrefs is a software company that provides SEO software tools and digital marketing. The company's main product is an SEO tool suite that includes a keyword research tool, site audit tool, and a backlink analysis tool. The tools are designed to help users improve the search engine rankings of their websites and to track the performance of their competitors. Ahrefs also offers a range of training resources and articles to help users learn more about SEO and digital marketing. Some of these resources are blog posts, ebooks, courses and webinars.

Ahref Features:

  • Keyword research: Ahrefs provides guidance on how to find and use the right keywords to optimize your website's content for search engines.

  • On-page SEO: Ahrefs offers tips and best practices for optimizing the content and structure of your website to improve its visibility in search engine results.

  • Backlinking: Ahrefs provides strategies and tactics for building high-quality backlinks to your website, which can help improve your search engine rankings.

  • Content marketing: Ahrefs offers advice on how to create and promote valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

  • Technical SEO: Ahrefs provides guidance on how to optimize the technical aspects of your website, such as its code and structure, to improve its search engine rankings.

  • Pricing: Offering 4 plans, each with options for monthly or annual pricing

  • Lite: $99/Mo

  • Standard: $199/Mo

  • Advanced: $399/Mo

  • Enterprise: $999/Mo

We recommend Ahrefs for digital marketers. SEO professionals and website owners who are looking for a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help them improve their search engine rankings and track their performance. It is also suitable for individuals who are looking to learn more about SEO and digital marketing. Ahref is a great all-in-one SEO tool.


KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps users find low-competition, long-tail keywords for their website or content. It allows users to search for keywords and see data on their search volume, competition level, and potential cost per click. The tool also offers a keyword suggestion feature, which provides users with a list of related keywords to consider. KWFinder is particularly useful for search engine optimization efforts, as it helps users identify keywords that they can use to rank their website higher in search engine results. It is also useful for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, as it can help users find keywords that are less expensive and more likely to lead to conversions. KWFinder is a useful tool for anyone looking to optimize their website or content for search engines.

KWFinder Features

  • Keyword search: Allows users to search for and find specific keywords.

  • Keyword data: Provides data on each keyword, including search volume, competition level, and potential cost per click.

  • Keyword suggestion: Offers a list of related keywords for users to consider.

  • SEO optimization: Helps users identify keywords that they can use to improve their website's search engine rankings.

  • PPC optimization: Helps users find keywords that are less expensive and more likely to lead to conversions for pay-per-click campaigns.

  • Easy to use: Has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

  • Pricing: Offering 3 plans, each with annual and monthly pricing

  • Basic: $29.90/Mo

  • Premium: $44.90/Mo

  • Agency: $89.90/Mo

We recommend KWFinder as a budget friendly option. It is easy to use and affordable. It has a user-friendly interface, making it a good choice for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It is especially helpful for marketers, content creators, and website owners who want to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their websites.

Bright Local

BrightLocal is a tool that helps businesses with local search marketing. It offers features like citation building, review generation, and local SEO audits. The goal of BrightLocal is to improve a business's online presence and attract more customers. It can help with things like getting listed on local directories, managing customer reviews, and analyzing a business's online presence. BrightLocal also offers tools for lead generation and tracking search engine rankings. BrightLocal aims to help businesses get found online and attract more customers through local search marketing.

Brightlocal Features:

  • Citation building: Helps businesses get listed on local directories and websites, improving their visibility online.

  • Review generation: Allows businesses to collect and manage customer reviews, which can improve their reputation and local search ranking.

  • Local SEO audit: Provides a comprehensive analysis of a business's online presence and suggests ways to improve it.

  • Online reputation management: Helps businesses track and respond to customer reviews and ratings across multiple platforms.

  • Rank tracking: Monitors a business's search engine rankings and provides insights on how to improve them.

  • Lead generation: Offers tools to help businesses attract and convert leads through local search marketing.

  • Pricing: Offering three plans, charging monthly or annually

  • Single Business: $29/mo

  • Multi Business: $49/mo

  • SEO Pro: $79/mo

In summary, BrightLocal is a local search marketing tool that helps businesses improve their online presence and attract more customers. By using BrightLocal, businesses can improve their visibility online and build their reputation through customer reviews. Overall, BrightLocal is a valuable resource for businesses looking to get found and attract more customers through local search marketing.


SEMrush is a powerful tool used by SEO professionals to help improve the search engine optimization of their websites. SEMrush can be used to help identify keywords that are relevant to a website's content. It also can see how a website's ranking compares to its competitors or find technical issues with a website that may be impacting its search engine performance. Finally, it also tracks the backlinks pointing to a website.

SEMrush Features:

  • Keyword research: SEMrush can be used to identify relevant keywords for a website's content.

  • Competitor analysis: SEMrush allows users to see how their website's ranking compares to that of their competitors.

  • Website audits: The tool can be used to find technical issues with a website that may be impacting its search engine performance.

  • Backlink analysis: SEMrush can be used to track the backlinks pointing to a website.

  • Pricing: They offer three plans you can pay monthly, or pay annually and save up to 17%

  • Pro: $119.95/mo

  • Guru: $229.95/mo

  • Business: $449.95/mo

SEMrush is a tool used by digital marketers and SEO professionals to improve the search engine optimization of their websites. SEMrush can not only identify relevant keywords but track a website's ranking, find technical issues with a website and analyze backlinks. Compared to other platforms it provides more features. Overall, it is a powerful tool for improving website SEO.


Moz Pro is a set of digital marketing tools that is primarily aimed at businesses and organizations looking to improve their search engine optimization and online marketing efforts. The tools in the Moz Pro suite are designed to help businesses increase their online visibility and attract more traffic to their websites through search engines like Google. By using the tools in the Moz Pro suite, businesses can identify and prioritize the best keywords to target, find and analyze backlinks, fix technical SEO issues, and optimize the content and structure of their webpages for SEO.

Moz Pro Features:

  • Moz Keyword Explorer: A tool that helps users discover and prioritize the best keywords to target in their SEO efforts.

  • Moz Link Explorer: A tool that helps users find and analyze the backlinks pointing to their website, as well as the websites of their competitors.

  • Moz Site Crawl: A tool that helps users identify and fix technical SEO issues on their websites.

  • Moz On-Page Grader: A tool that helps users optimize the content and structure of their webpages for SEO.

  • Price: Offering four monthly paid plans, that are discounted if you pay yearly

  • Standard: $99/mo

  • Medium: $179/mo

  • Large: $299/mo

  • Premium: $599/mo

We recommend Moz Pro for anyone wanting a full set of tools. While a bit pricy, Moz Pro will cover all of your bases for anything SEO. Overall, Moz Pro could be a useful resource for anyone who is looking to improve their SEO and online marketing efforts, particularly if they are focused on increasing their visibility on search engines like Google.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a SEO software and social media management tool that helps businesses and individuals manage their social media accounts. It allows users to schedule and publish content on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social Pilot also offers features like analytics, collaboration, and content recommendations to help users grow their social media presence and engage with their audience.

In addition to scheduling and publishing capabilities, Social Pilot provides analytics tools to track the performance of social media accounts. These tools measure reach and engagement, as well as track follower growth. This helps businesses and individuals understand the effectiveness of their social media efforts and make informed decisions about their content strategy.

SocialPilot Features:

  • Bulk Scheduling: A simple 2-step process of uploading and reviewing, SocialPilot allows for effortless posting of up to 500 posts in advance to ensure you never miss your scheduled postings.

  • Analytics: Track who interacts with your social media the most, get insight on your audience and much more. SocialPilot gives reports to you, your clients and colleagues so you can stay on top of the data.

  • Content Curation: A provided list of content incase you need inspiration to think up a unique idea. Always update and evolving depending on current trends so you stay relevant.

  • White Label: Create and customize you or your clients brand; from URL to the icons. SocialPilots White Label Platform allows you to personalize to match your ideal image and outlook. Clients can freely login securely without needing to share sensitive login information and track analytics at a whim.

  • RSS Feeds Automation: An automated way of sharing blogs to social media, completely free! Customize your URL to shorten for feeds or let RSS Feeds do it for you.

  • Pricing: Free 14-Day Trail, before a monthly subscription with 4 tiers

  • Professional: $25.5o/Mo

  • Small Team: $42.50/Mo

  • Studio: $85/Mo

  • Agency: $106.25/Mo

We recommend SocialPilot for anyone who wants a social media presence. SocialPilot is primarily a social media management tool, yet it can help with your search engine rankings. Optimizing your site and driving traffic to it through social media is effective in providing high-quality backlinks. Creating engaging content through social media will also help with engagement and rankings.

Ad Creative

AdCreative is a tool that helps businesses create effective advertisements. It has a library of templates and design elements for creating professional-looking ads. AdCreative also lets you A/B test different versions of an ad to see which performs best. It provides real-time analytics to track the performance of an ad campaign. AdCreative can be used on various platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. It can be integrated with marketing tools like Google Analytics and Mailchimp.

AdCreative helps businesses improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and reach their target audience. It saves businesses time and effort, while maximizing the impact of their advertising efforts. Simple to get started and easy to learn about, AdCreative is a valuable SEO tool. Become more professional and take your content to the next level.

AdCreative.AI Features:

  • Generating Ads: Stay on brand and get ads in minutes. AdCreative generates creative ad banners that a professional would be jealous of.

  • Generating social media: Increase your engagement on social media using AdCreatives AI, which provides generated content for most major social media sites.

  • Creative Insights: Keep track of the analytics of your best performing ads and learn what works and what doesn’t.

  • Pricing: A week free, or 2 months free if you sign up for a yearly plan. Provides prices for both small start ups, and large agencies.

  • Starter: $29/Mo for Startups, $189 for Professionals

  • Premium: $59/Mo for Startups, $249 for Professionals

  • Ultimate: $99/Mo for Startups, $399 for Professionals

We recommend AdCreative to freelancers and small to medium businesses. AdCreative makes advertising a breeze and can increase your CTR and conversion rate with strong visuals and useful insights. With its library of templates and design elements you can find the perfect ad space for your business and help drive more customers to your site. Adcreative can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve marketing goals more effectively.


Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that allows users to create professional designs using a variety of templates, graphics, and design tools. It can be accessed online or through a mobile app, and offers features such as a library of templates and design elements, real-time collaboration with team members, and integration with social media platforms. Canva is popular with individuals and businesses of all sizes and can be used for a wide range of design projects, including social media graphics, marketing materials, and presentations.

Canva Features

  • Content Creation: Canva allows you to create banners, logo, flyers, gifs, collages and so much more. Advertise your website in style.

  • Content Customization: Remove backgrounds, resize images, plan your content and more.

  • Collaboration: For groups small or big, Canva allows for easy planning and joint customization that you and your colleagues to work together.

  • Price: Canva offers a free deal that will lets you get started creating graphics right away. They also offer individual plans and group plans, depending on your needs.

  • Canva Pro: $119.99 for a year with a 30-day free trial.

  • Canva for Team: Starting at $140.90 for a year that allows up to 5 users, which also comes with the 30-day trial.

We recommend Canva for people who want to create a custom image for their brand. No matter what kind of graphic you need, Canva is an easy-to-use software that can cover any of it. It utilizes a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of templates. Using Canva can help businesses create a cohesive and professional visual identity, which can be a key factor in attracting and retaining customers. Overall, Canva is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create high-quality graphics for their brand or business.

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